FitSeat vs. Deskbike – what are the 29 differences?

We are often asked what the differences are between FitSeat and the many desk bikes on the market are. To shed a light on this, you will find a list of the differences between the products in this article. As you can see, the differences between FitSeat and Deskbike are huge.

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All advantages at a glance:

  1. Development history
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Safety
  4. Return on investment
  5. Environmentally friendly
  6. Sustainability
  7. FitSeat is inexpensive
  8. FitSeat can be rented
  9. Fitseat stands for naturalness
  10. Reliability and durability
  11. Quality
  12. Comfort
  13. FitSeat is modular
  14. FitSeat is mobile
  15. Suitable heights
  16. Size adjustment
  17. FitSeat stands for precision
  18. FitSeat works purely mechanically and does not require any electricity
  19. Repair
  20. Service & Support
  21. Assembly
  22. FitSeat is innovative
  23. FitSeat is functional and reduced to the essentials
  24. FitSeat can be customized
  25. FitSeat stands for success
  26. FitSeat stands for courage
  27. FitSeat is a sign of pride
  28. FitSeat shows appreciation
  29. FitSeat is fun


FitSeat light bulb

1. Development history

FitSeat – developed with passion

Inventor and founder Dr.-Ing. Jan Gumprecht developed the FitSeat for himself in countless iterative steps – “with the hand on the arm” as Jochen Schweizer would have said in The Dragon’s Den. You can find out more about this in our magazine article about the founding history.

First desk bike

The idea for the first desk bike came from the twins Joost and Martijn Bary from the Netherlands. The desk bike is not a new development. The desk bike was created by adapting a home trainer in the lowest price category from China for office use [1]. In addition to the desk bike that the Dutch imported from China, there are a large number of clones on the market.

2. Ergonomics

FitSeat adapts to the users’ needs and is ergonomic for the following reasons:

  • FitSeat has a steep seat angle to automatically correct your posture whilst using it. As a result, the spine is optimally strained, training the back muscles and mobilising the spine. Thanks to the pelvic support, you can briefly relieve your back if necessary.
  • FitSeat has an adjustable saddle angle that can be adapted to suit the user.
  • FitSeat has an interchangeable bicycle gel saddle that can be exchanged for another model if necessary.
  • The saddle height of the FitSeat can be continuously adjusted to the size of the user.

Cheap desk bikes are less ergonomic for the following reasons:

  • Inexpensive desk bikes have a flat seat angle, which means that when you sit down you automatically fall into a round, sunken sitting position. A hunched back can quickly lead to back problems, as the spine is strained unfavourably. In addition, the small opening angle can lead to a shortening of the tensor muscles on the thigh.
  • Inexpensive desk bikes do not offer any possibility to relieve the back for a short time, as they do not have a backrest.

FitSeat Workstation Sketch

3. Safety

FitSeat is safe and suitable for use in the office for the following reasons:

  • FitSeat is safe because, as specified by the DIN EN 1335 standard, it is mounted on five castors. In addition, the castors are weight-braked, i.e. as soon as someone sits down on their FitSeat, it cannot roll away unexpectedly.
  • FitSeat is safe because it offers pelvic support. This ensures that nobody can fall backwards from it.
  • FitSeat is safe because it has a freewheel. As a result, there is never a risk of injuring yourself from self-rotating pedals.
  • FitSeat is safe because of its stability. Amongst other things, this is because the seat post is precisely fitted and remains stable in the desired position.
  • FitSeat is safe because we only use harmless materials.
  • FitSeat is safe because we only use high quality materials.
  • FitSeat is safe because we carry out constant piece-by-piece quality control.
  • FitSeat is safe because it is delivered fully assembled and so cannot be assembled incorrectly.

Cheap desk bikes are unsafe for the following reasons:

  • Cheap desk bikes are unsafe because they use substandard materials. How long these last or whether they contain toxic components is unclear. Supervisory authorities are constantly pulling products from the Far East from the market due to toxic components.
  • Cheap desk bikes are unsafe because they don’t have a freewheel. Should you ever slip off the pedal, it can easily injure you. This significantly increases the accident risk.
  • Cheap desk bikes are unsafe because they are not stable. The base is usually too narrow.
  • Cheap desk bikes are unsafe because the seat post wobbles. This can be because precise fitting guides are too expensive. Due to the instability, users feel unsafe because they fear of falling off the bike and so no longer use the desk bike.
  • Cheap desk bikes are unsafe because they don’t have a backrest. This makes it easy to fall backwards from the saddle.
  • Cheap desk bikes are unsafe because they are stored on castors that cannot be fixated. There is always the risk that the Deskbike will roll away.

4. Return on investment

With FitSeat, you invest in good quality. As everyone knows, quality has its price. This will make you happier to use your FitSeat since you can enjoy it for a longer period of time. The costs calculated over the service life are therefore low. On the other hand, it is of no use to you should you cut corners with the price and spend money on a cheap desk bike. The chances are high that the cheap desk bike will not be used because it has too many disadvantages. It is not for nothing that it is said “who buys cheap, buys twice”. This makes it better to invest in FitSeat immediately and save in the long run!

5. Environmentally friendly

FitSeat is good for the enviornment for the following resons:

  • FitSeat does not require electricity to be used. Everything works purely mechanically.
  • FitSeat is Made in Germany, so long transport routes are neither necessary for production nor for delivery to the customer.
  • FitSeat warms the office in winter and helps save heating costs.
  • FitSeat is completely repairable and does not have to be thrown away immediately in the event of a small defect.
  • FitSeat only uses sustainable materials that can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way since they do not contain any toxins.
  • FitSeat makes you fit and motivates you to ride a bike in your free time, which will reduce the environmentally harmful impact of driving.

Cheap desk bikes are not environmentally friendly for the following reasons:

  • Cheap desk bikes are not designed for long-term use and will break after a short amount of time if used intensively.
  • Cheap desk bikes are made of inferior materials that do not last long and, in the worst case, contain environmentally harmful and health hazardous toxins.
  • Cheap desk bikes have to be imported from the Far East to Europe at great expense.
  • Cheap desk bikes cannot be repaired and have to be disposed of if they are defective.

6. Sustainability

FitSeat is resource-saving because it:

  • is Made in Germany and no long transport routes are necessary,
  • consists of high-quality components that last a long time,
  • does not contain any toxic materials that pollute the environment after disposal
  • can be completely repaired and is therefore not a single-use product.

We already outlined why cheap desk bikes are not sustainable in the last section

7. FitSeat is inexpensive

FitSeat is designed for continuous use, comparable to professional bicycle ergometers that can be found at the gym. Professional ergometers cost around €4,000 , as they use high-quality and durable components. In comparison, FitSeat is a bargain.

Inexpensive desk bikes are comparable to exercise bikes that are designed for a maximum of one hour of use per week, before they breakafter two years at the latest, shortly after their warranty expires.

8. FitSeat can be rented

FitSeat can be rented for 12 or 24 months. As a customer, you have the following advantages:

  • You always have a new and working device.
  • You don’t have to worry about service and maintenance.
  • You can write off all investments directly and do not have to activate the acquisition in the balance sheet.

9. FitSeat stands for naturalness

FitSeat as a product stands for naturalness just like the company behind it. The load-bearing structure of FitSeat consists of wood, a natural and renewable raw material. Like nature. Like nature, FitSeat is reduced to the essentials. We have omitted unnecessary frills and environmentally harmful materials and created a product that is just as sincere and authentic as its users. At FitSeat, we stand for honesty, credibility and trustworthiness.

10. Reliability and durability

FitSeat only uses high-quality components that have a long service life. The greatest wear and tear occurs on the drive belt, which we obtain from the automotive sector. Installed in a car, the belt lasts 200,000 kilometers. Should something break, the FitSeat can be completely dismantled and repaired.

Cheap desk bikes are designed as disposable products and are equipped with inferior components. In the sporting goods industry there is a “dirty little secret” according to which it is assumed that home sports equipment is generally not used and therefore it does not matter if bad components are installed. With a cheap desk bike, you can already foresee many problems.

11. Quality

Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product. Or in other words – quality is what the customer wants. With FitSeat, our goal was to develop a product that meets the wishes and needs of our customers. The following properties emerged and were implemented by us:

  • FitSeat must not distract from actual work, otherwise it offers too little added value.
  • FitSeat has to be comfortable and easy to use, otherwise it won’t be used.
  • FitSeat has to be ergonomic, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.
  • FitSeat must be safe, otherwise it cannot be used in the workplace.
  • FitSeat must be as quiet as possible, otherwise it will not be accepted in the workplace.

12. Comfort

FitSeat is comfortable for the following reasons:

  • FitSeat is comfortable because it has a soft bicycle gel saddle that optimally adapts to your body. We deliberately use a standard saddle with a standard attachment, because there is no saddle that is equally comfortable for everyone. The standard attachment means that anyone can install the saddle that they find most comfortable.
  • FitSeat has a crank like a normal bike. Anyone who has ever ridden a children’s bike as an adult knows how comfortable it is to pedal with a normal crank.
  • FitSeat has a pelvic support that you can lean against for a short time if necessary.
  • FitSeat has a steep seat angle that automatically corrects your posture.

Cheap deskbikes are uncomfortable for the following reasons:

  • Cheap desk bikes have short cranks, like a children’s bike, which are not fun to use.
  • Cheap desk bikes have a cheap saddle that is inconvenient for many and not replaceable.
  • Cheap desk bikes do not have a backrest that you can lean against momentarily.
  • Cheap desk bikes have a flat seat angle, which prevents the body from opening and makes it very difficult to sit upright.

13. FitSeat is modular

FitSeat is modular for the following reasons:

  • FitSeat uses high-quality standard bicycle components that are interchangeable, such as the saddle or the pedals. Since there is no saddle that fits everyone, everyone can use the saddle which they find most comfortable.
  • FitSeat can be supplied in different colors and types of wood on request.

Cheap desk bikes are not modular for the following reasons:

  • Cheap desk bikes are not modular because they are mass produced.
  • Cheap desk bikes are not modular because they cannot use standard bicycle components. If the saddle is uncomfortable or broken, you are unlucky and have to be content with what you have.

14. FitSeat is mobile

FitSeat is mobile for the following reasons:

  • FitSeat is mounted on five weight-braked castors that allow easy transport to the place of use.
  • FitSeat does not require a power connection and can therefore be used anywhere.
  • FitSeat only takes up a minimal amount of space. Only half the space of a bicycle ergometer is required.

15. Suitable Heights

FitSeat is suitable for people between 1.50m to 2.00m (4″11 – 6″6) and can therefore be used by almost all employees.

Cheap desk bikes are only suitable for people between 1.60 and 1.80 meters (5″3 – 5″10) tall. Sometimes there are modules that enable cheap desk bikes to be suitable for taller people, but the change is time-consuming and requires tools.

16. Size Adjustment

FitSeat can be continuously adjusted to the size of the user, meaning that everyone can adapt the FitSeat individually to their needs.

On cheap desk bikes, the saddle height can only be adjusted in rough steps and then it may not fit your body size correctly. Who does not know the problem when one hole is too tight on a belt and the pants slip on the other.

17. FitSeat stands for precision

FitSeat was developed by Dr.-Ing. Jan Gumprecht and is Made in Germany. Dr. Gumprecht has a PhD in medical robotics from the Technical University of Munich. During his doctorate, he developed a worldwide new robotic system for the intraoperative sonographic support of laparoscopic procedures on the kidney in the field of minimally invasive surgery. The knowledge gained served Dr. Gumprecht as the basis for the development of the FitSeat. With production in Germany, we can guarantee that the effort that we have put into developing the FitSeat is also reflected in the finished product and that you receive a product of the highest precision.

18. FitSeat works purely mechanically and does not require any electricity

FitSeat deliberately works purely mechanically. This has many advantages for you:

  • Quickly ready for use: You can simply slide the FitSeat over to your desk, sit on it and get started. A power connection does not have to be laid, which is a laborious process. There is no need to charge a battery before use.
  • Mobility: FitSeat can be used wherever you want. You don’t have to pay attention to whether there is a power outlet nearby.
  • Safety: With FitSeat there is no need to lay cables that you could trip over. Nobody can get an electric shock from a FitSeat.
  • Environmental protection: FitSeat protects the environment because it does not use any electricity, there is no electrosmog and no battery has to be disposed of in hazardous waste at the end of its lifetime. With mechanical components, defects can be more easily identified and repaired. In the case of electrical components, you can usually tell from the outside whether they are defective or not. They have to be replaced and disposed of.
  • Low follow-up effort: No annual test tests are required for FitSeat as is the case with electrical appliances.

19. Repair

We designed the FitSeat so that it remains functional for as long as possible. Although we have tried very hard, a defect can never be completely ruled out. Since FitSeat can be completely dismantled, we can replace and repair all parts.

Cheap desk bikes are not designed to last long and usually cannot be repaired. Either you cannot dismantle them without destroying them or you cannot get the right spare parts.

20. Service & Support

FitSeat is based in Ismaning near Munich. We provide support in German and English.

The manufacturers of cheap desk bikes are based in the Far East. The probability that someone speaks German there is very low. If you are lucky, you can communicate in English. Obtaining spare parts is very difficult or even impossible.

21. Assembly

FitSeat is delivered fully assembled. As soon as it is unpacked, you can use it. This has the following advantages for you:

  • Immediately operational.
  • No tools are required.
  • More safety: Incorrect assembly, which can lead to safety risks, is excluded.

Cheap desk bikes don’t have to be set up until you’ve received them. This has the following disadvantages:

  • Unnecessary use of employee resources.
  • Safety risk if the product is assembled incorrectly.
  • Incorrect assembly will void the warranty.

FitSeat is innovative

FitSeat is constantly being developed. We always maintain contact with our customers and fans, who give us valuable feedback on how we can make FitSeat even better. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please write to us ⇒ Contact Us

23. FitSeat is functional and reduced to the essentials

FitSeat has no unnecessary parts that are only implemented to make the product appear “cooler”. The less complex a product is, the easier it is to use and the more likely it is to guarantee a really durable product. We believe that a focus on the essentials brings the greatest value for our customers.

24. FitSeat can be customized

FitSeat can be customized directly from its manufacturing or at a later date. The finish and type of wood can be selected from the factory, and optionally the pelvic support. Pedals or the saddle can simply be exchanged at a later date, as standard bicycle components are used. In addition, everyone can of course customize their FitSeat the way they want. Inexpensive desk bikes are mass produced and cannot be customized either before manfacturing or retrospectively because, for example, no standard bicycle components are installed.

25. FitSeat stands for success

Successful companies and research institutions such as Google, SAP or the Technical University of Munich have already recognized that movement in the workplace is crucial for future success. With FitSeat you not only show that you symbolically belong to this successful group, but you also lay the foundation that you will demonstrably continue to be successful in the future. A high-quality product like FitSeat symbolizes your company’s success at first glance.

26. FitSeat stands for courage

With FitSeat you show courage because you dare to break new ground. In our globalized world in particular, sticking to the “status quo” is a guarantee of failure. As the saying goes, “If you don’t go with the times, you go with time”. Only those who have the courage to try new things will be successful in the future. With FitSeat you take the first step towards a successful future.

27. FitSeat is a sign of pride

With FitSeat you show that your company is filled with a strong sense of selfworth. In a globalized world in which more and more products are interchangeable, it is a decisive competitive advantage if a company is aware of its own strengths and plays to them on the market. With FitSeat you show internally and externally that you, like us, value the highest quality and are only satisfied with the best. You can rightly be proud of that!

28. FitSeat shows appreciation

Appreciation is important for everyone. FitSeat stands for appreciation at every level. Be it the appreciation of the employees by the employer, the appreciation of one’s own body while using it or the appreciation of German workmanship when buying your FitSeat. Companies particularly benefit from the appreciation of employees, as this increases motivation and reduces frustration, boosts satisfaction with the employer and reduces employee turnover. As a result, the productivity and of course the profitability of the company increase.

29. FitSeat is fun

It has been confirmed to us many times that you feel good and enjoy yourself every time you use your FitSeat. This is because active movement using a FitSeat improves your well-being and because FitSeat has been developed and manufactured with a lot of passion and attention to detail.

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