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Update vom: 12.06.2022
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  • Product launch – FitSeat Workstation: the ultimate working space for working from home

Product launch – FitSeat Workstation: the ultimate working space for working from home

Product launch – FitSeat Workstation: the ultimate working space for working from home

We spend around 80,000 hours of our professional life sitting. According to studies, long periods of sitting have a negative effect on our bodies, similar to smoking. While sitting, we adopt incorrect postures and do not move enough. The consequences are acute back pain and reduced efficiency while working. With the FitSeat workstation you are physically active at work. You work more efficiently and work on your physical fitness.

Working space in the office

Most office workers suffer from their sedentary lifestyle

Most office workers suffer from their sedentary lifestyle in the workplace Today we spend an average of 80,000 hours of our professional lives sitting down. However, the human body is meant for movement and is not at all designed for long periods of sitting [1].

“Sitting is the new smoking” – Dr. James Levine

Countless studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time is significantly more harmful to health than was initially assumed [2-4]. If we used to suffer from being physically overstrained and mentally understrained, it is the other way around today. Because of the long-term negative effects of physical inactivity, sitting is now even compared to smoking.

During working hours, sufficient nutrients are not supplied to te brain as a result of sitting for too long. The average person in Germany spends around 7.5 hours a day sitting, that is, without sufficient exercise [5]. The consequences are, among other things, reduced wellbeing, less productivity and permanently more stress.

Conventional approaches to prevent a sedentary lifestyle

Conventional approaches to reduce lack of exercise in everyday office life include:

  • Adjusting the pendulum behavior
    • Riding a bike to work,
    • Parking as far away as possible from the entrance of the office building
    • When using public transport, getting off one station earlier and walking the rest of the way.
  • Taking elevators instead of stairs
  • Setting up shared office infrastructure (e.g. printer) centrally so that a walk is necessary to use it
  • Yoga courses or in-house fitness studio
  • Etc.

Criticisms of conventional approaches

  • Sport in your free time alone will not be enough to protect you from the health consequences of long-term sitting if your entire day is sedentary [6].
  • In addition, many office workers lack the time for sufficient exercise in their free time [7].
Bicycle with person
FitSeat Workstation Sketch

What is the FitSeat workstation?

The FitSeat Workstation solves this problem. With it you are also physically active at work, no matter whether you are in the office or working from home. Your brain gets more oxygen and can work better. You become more productive while working and work on your physical fitness.

The FitSeat workstation is a combination of a sustainable premium bicycle chair and a mobile standing desk. You can work while sitting and pedal at the same time. Or you can work standing up.

Benefits of the FitSeat workstation:

The WHO (Word Health Organization) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. By exercising with the help of the => FitSeat Workstation, you can easily follow this recommendation. This gives you the following advantages:

  • Your metabolism is stimulated
  • Your circulation will improve, supplying more oxygen to the brain
  • You can focus on the job more easily and work more productively
  • You reduce physical stress
  • You strengthen your back muscles and relieve your intervertebral discs
  • You prevent diabetes and actively do something for your health

Who is FitSeat suitable for?

For everyone who finds fitness in the workplace important and would like to do something for their productivity in order to complete projects faster, better and more efficiently in the future. Does that apply to you? Then the FitSeat workstation is the right tool for you.

Where can the FitSeat workstation be used?

The possible uses of the FitSeat workstation are almost unlimited. The FitSeat workstation is particularly suitable for working from home, as it can be used anywhere and without a power supply. In the study, at the kitchen table, or in front of the television. You can even work with it in the garden and you can also absorb vitamin D from the sun.

After you have finished working, the desk top can be folded down and the workstation stowed away to save space.

The FitSeat workstation is of course also suitable for meetings or phone calls in open-plan offices or new working environments.

The workstation is designed to be shared by several people. The saddle height is infinitely adjustable to all heights (150 – 200 cm / 4″11 – 6″6). In addition, thanks to the 5 castors, it can also be pushed back and forth very easily.

Where can I find the FitSeat workstation?

You can find the => FitSeat Workstation in our webshop. You are welcome to try it without obligation: 4 weeks – free of charge!

Try for 4 weeks for free


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  • Product launch – FitSeat Workstation: the ultimate working space for working from home