Working time becomes
fitness time

Working from home becomes fitness time

FitSeat combines productivity & work hours with personal fitness! Health, sustainability and quality – Made in Germany

FitSeat combines productivity & work hours with personal fitness! Health, sustainability and quality – Made in Germany

Get Healthier and Increase your Productivity at Work

With FitSeat – the innovative bicycle office chair – your time working in front of the computer can easily become a valuable fitness session. You will get healthier and it is proven that you will increase your productivity and creativity.

It has never been so easy to combine work and work out. Whenever you want to improve your energy level or you are in need for a creative boost, FitSeat is there to help you! 

Your investment in a FitSeat is a continous win-win-win situation for employees and employers!


FitSeat is the innovation for all those looking for an effective boost to health and performance. FitSeat quickly offers tangible and measurable impacts:

  • Stress reduction and improved wellbeing
  • Prevention of and improved control of existing diabetes
  • Back mobilization
  • Boosted fat loss
  • Enhanced mental capacity and concentration
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Strengthening of the immune system

Design plus Quality

FitSeat is the premium quality bicycle office chair. The high-quality materials and appealing design have been optimally coordinated for long-term use.

FitSeat is ergonomic. The seat height is suitable for everyone between 1.5-2m (4″11 – 6″6). The ingenious design ensures back-friendly and comfortable sitting.

FitSeat is Made in Germany. Meticulous individual quality control guarantees exceptional reliability and durability.

Safe. Sustainable. Guaranteed.

FitSeat offers Safety. Its’ development is based on the DIN EN 1335 and DIN EN ISO 20957 standards. Ergonomic pelvic support, castors with an automatic break function, and stable construction guarantee your safety.

FitSeat stands for Sustainability because it is made from FSC-certified wood, does not require electricity to operate, and its’ materials are supplied by local partners.

All the static parts of the FitSeat have a lifelong warranty. FitSeat has no wearing parts, is maintenance-free, and is designed for unlimited use.

Fitness during working hours?

  • Using your FitSeat for only 15 minutes already improves your wellbeing for 2-3 hours. Stress levels are noticeably reduced and your mood improves.

  • A regular FitSeat session noticeably increases your motivation! It encourages weight loss and strengthens your immune and cardiovascular systems.

  • With more opportunities for physical activity (particularly during demanding periods) you enhance your concentration and improve your memory. With FitSeat you will simply be more alert, attentive, creative and persevering!

  • FitSeat prevents back problems! Your spine is mobilized and your back muscles are balanced.

Try FitSeat without obligation:
4 weeks - for free!

Still undecided? No Problem! Many of our customers simply joined our tempting trial. Try FitSeat for free and without obligation! Only when you are 100% happy can you keep your FitSeat. 

Large companies and customers benefit from the FitSeat premium desk bike



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