SMOERK Activator | Sensible use of all sitting and standing desks



SMOERK Activator is the perfect addition to increase how frequently you use your height-adjustable desk.

Which problem does SMOERK-Activator solve?

Most height-adjustable desks are seldom or never adjusted in height by the users because they do not think about changing positions while working. The regular change of position of the height is the purpose of these tables and the activator acts as a reminder.

How does SMOERK-Activator get me to change my working position from sitting to standing?

After a preset period of time, SMOERK Activator starts to flash “red”. It flashes “red” until you have changed the table height from sitting to standing or from standing to sitting. It has an integrated “snooze” function.

Can SMOERK-Activator recognize whether I am at my desk?

Yes, the SMOERK Activator automatically detects whether someone is working at the table or not. If nobody is present, the FitSeat-Activator automatically goes into stand-by mode.

What distinguishes the SMOERK-Activator?

  • Independent of all manufacturers and functions (compatible with all height-adjustable tables)
  • Automatic reminder to change your working position
  • Adjustable reminder period
  • No app required
  • No personal data is recorded
  • Automatic presence detection
  • Low power consumption via USB
  • Plug-and-play operation


  • 5V USB connection for power supply
  • Compatible with all height-adjustable tables (electric, gas spring, manual)

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