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FitSeat 2020 | Rent or Buy

FitSeat 2020 | Rent or Buy

Preise und Mietkaution inkl. MwSt. / zzgl. Versandkosten

  • Buy deskbike FitSeat  – 2.299,00 €
  • Rent deskbike FitSeat for 12 months – 83,18 € per month
  • Rent deskbike FitSeat 2020 for 24 months – 71,28 € per month

FitSeat 2020 | Rent or Buy

FitSeat, the sustainable premium bicycle office chair, impresses with its added value:

? Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • Frame made of FSC certified wood
  • FitSeat works without electricity
  • Local suppliers & short transport routes
  • No wearing parts & completely repairable -> Not a throwaway product
  • Free from toxins

? Premium – made from the highest quality

  • High-quality materials
  • Precise & careful workmanship
  • Comfortable gel saddle & original bicycle crank
  • Piece by piece quality control
  • Reliable and durable

? Safe to use

  • Safe sitting thanks to the wide saddle and pelvic support
  • Stable stand thanks to five weight-braked castors, wide standing base and solid construction
  • Developed according to the standards DIN EN 1335 (office chairs) and DIN EN ISO 20957 (stationary training equipment)
  • Safe materials / Guaranteed to be free from toxins
  • (Ready to use) No assembly necessary: the FitSeat is delivered fully assembled

?‍⚕️ Ergonomic to use

  • Physiological back straightening through ergonomic seat angle
  • Exchangeable bicycle flex gel saddle
  • Infinitely adjustable for all body sizes (1.50 to 2 meters) (4″11 – 6″6)
  • Optimal step resistance is continously adjustable directly on the saddle
  • Variably adjustable saddle angle and horizontal saddle position

? Universally useable

  • No power supply needed for use
  • Silent to operate
  • Suitable for continous (round the clock) use
  • Very easy to use, no tools required
  • You can quickly change the place of use: mobile thanks to 5 floor rollers

Rental details:

  • The rent is due annually in advance.
  • The rental period is automatically extended by 1 year if the contract is not canceled 3 months before the end of the rental period.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 58 × 58 × 110 cm

Wood (Birkoplex)


BlackPanther, PureNature, WhiteLotus


Bicycle Gel Seat, Exchangeable

Maximum Load

120 kg

User Height Range

1,55 m -, 2m

Resistance Setting

Adjustment lever on the saddle, Stepless adjustment


Load braked, Suitable for all floors


Yes, of course, please contact us

Warranty Expectation

12 months full service

Buy or Rent

Buy, Rent for 12 months, Rent for 24 months