Jan Gumprecht as guest in Martin Lauble’s “Office Talk” podcast

Sitting for a long time is not healthy. Office jobs in particular can make you ill in the long run. It’s important to find a compensation for work in the form of leisure activities. Unfortunately, everyday life often leaves no time for sporting activities and exercise.

Exercise is the key to a healthy life.

In the podcast “OFFICE TALK”, Martin and Jan shed light on how to turn passive sitting in the office into a sporting activity. FitSeat also offers the opportunity to stay active while working from home.

Jan Gumprecht is featured on Martin Lauble’s podcast to talk about his solution to sitting for too long.

Jan Gumprecht used his knowledge as an engineer to develop the FitSeat. Known from the TV show “Dragon’s Den”, Jan Gumprecht presents his office chair bike in the “OFFICE TALK” podcast. The name “FitSeat” says it all. FitSeat was born from the idea of using his training racing bike while working at the desk. The idea of taking advantage of the sitting time at the desk was the key moment in the creation of the FitSeat.

In Martin Laube’s podcast, Jan Gumprecht explains what FitSeat is and what advantages it offers. They also discuss how a FitSeat can be integrated into everyday work in the “Office Talk” podcast.

But what exactly is this FitSeat? FitSeat is an office bike chair that works without electricity. Equipped with a comfortable saddle, FitSeat is the ideal office chair. Thanks to the two pedals, the user keeps moving while pedaling. FitSeat can be visualized as a mixture of a high chair and a bicycle without wheels.

Movement improves your memory.

The advantages of the FitSeat are obvious. FitSeat also allows you to sit up straight and thus contributes to maintaining the health of the spine and neck. The back muscles are strengthened and the spine is mobilized. The well-being of the user is improved by stimulating the circulatory system and relieving stress. This is an essential part in everyday hectic office life. FitSeat is designed in such a way that pedaling is not too strenuous whilst working. The intensity can be easily adjusted.

If you are looking to find more opportunities for movement in everyday office life, the almost 25-minute podcast episode “Get fit while sitting – In an interview with FitSeat founder Dr. Jan Gumprecht known from The Dragon’s Den” is for you. Jan Gumprecht leaves no question unanswered and gives valuable advice for a healthier lifestyle.

Here is the link to the => podcast-episode

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