Try FitSeat for Free | 4 Weeks

Try FitSeat for Free | 4 Weeks

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Try FitSeat for Free | 4 Weeks

Try FitSeat, the premium deskbike, now. Easy and free

FitSeat comes to you fully assembled! You step up, become active and try your FitSeat for 4 weeks free of charge!

? Start

  1. Here in the shop you can choose and order your FitSeat color.
  2. You leave a deposit of €700 (net) for your test period.
  3. Your FitSeat will be sent to you as soon as possible.

? Planning

  1. Sent directly to your office with DHL.
  2. Unpack, set up, step on -> Try for four weeks
  3. Our free service hotline answers your questions.

? End

  • Decide after your 3 weeks trial:
  • You like your FitSeat? Great, then you can simply carry on and don’t need to do anything else. We will send you an invoice for the total amount minus the deposit paid.
  • Are you still not convinced? Send us your return request no later than 3 weeks after receiving the FitSeat and return it up to 1 week afterwards. We will refund the deposit.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 58 × 58 × 110 cm

Wood (Birkoplex)


BlackPanther, PureNature, WhiteLotus


Bicycle Gel Seat, Exchangeable


Load braked, Suitable for all floors

User Height Range

1,55 m -, 2m

Maximum Load

120 kg

Buy or Rent

Buy, Rent for 12 months, Rent for 24 months