FitSeat 2020 – Quick Start Guide

Congratulation on your new FitSeat 2020!

Unpack, get on, get started.

All you have to do is remove the shipping packaging from your new FitSeat and you’re good to go.

The FitSeat has three controls:

  1. The pedals
  2. The quick release to adjust the height of the saddle
  3. The brake lever to adjust the pedaling resistance

Add Stickers

In the envelope that comes with your FitSeat there are three stickers that you can add to your FitSeat. This is particularly useful if the FitSeat is shared by several people. The stickers show users how to properly operate the FitSeat. The best way to attach the stickers is as follows:

Adjust the seat height

As you can see in the photo, attach the sticker on the left side below the flange clamp so that the arrow points to the quick release.

Adjust pedaling resistance

The speed sticker is placed on the right strut of the pelvic support so that the arrow at the front points to the brake lever.


The bonus sticker is placed on the right-hand side below the flange clamp.

Read the instruction manual

You can find all further information on using the FitSeat in the

Use your FitSeat meaningfully


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